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  • November 23, 2015

    Jumpstart Automotive Group surveys visitors to find out how shoppers are researching vehicles today.

  • November 9, 2015

    Presumably you are interested in marketing to Millennials, so you've clicked on this article. I'm sorry to tell you, if you're reading up on this topic—you're probably doing it wrong.

    While attending a high-profile marketing event recently, I listened—for the umpteenth time—as an executive talked about what Millennials want and need and how his brand plans to give it to them. I was struck by how detached he seemed from the information and how he spoke with such conviction: This is what they want. Period.

  • October 29, 2015

    As consumers, we like to eat delicious food, drink wine, and buy nice things, even when we understand the potential negative impacts, health or otherwise. With more data and information available to help us make choices, we're torn between giving into what we really want and making rational decisions.

    As marketers, we must find ways to keep consumers focused on the positive, to appeal to emotion (trust, imagination) and rationale (convenience, logic). Here are three ways to do it.

  • June 18, 2015

    It's hard to find great talent. This has always been one of my top challenges, but never more so than now when many tech giants and startups lead recruitment by focusing on the perks. How many job listings have you read that start with: free lunch, a game room, and unlimited vacation? But even though we don't offer complimentary dry cleaning or supply craft beer on tap at our company, we have managed to find A-list people who are excited to work for us. Here's how you can do it too.

  • March 23, 2015

    Insights 2014-15 Cover Graphic To help marketers better understand the fast-moving nature of the automotive industry, Jumpstart Automotive Group releases its fifth annual Insights Book—a yearlong compilation of online auto shopping trends and industry insights gleaned from the company's portfolio of automotive shopping sites.